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Compact Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser - Red Pull

£ 29.00 

4.4 out of 5 based on Trustpilot reviews


FGP's Red Pull Dispenser is the affordable answer for low volume tape users, who still want the amazing benefits of FGP's Gummed Paper Tapes.
- Environmentally - gummed paper tapes use sustainably resourced paper, and eco-vegetable glue, making them easily recycled with the box.
- Ingeniously - Red Pull works by moisture on its damp cloth activating the eco glue on gummed tapes. When applied, the tape fibres bond with the box fibres so powerfully that boxes are tamper-proof.
- Usability - its compact size means it's mobile and fits neatly in packing areas.
- Materially - the tape's super strength means less material needed vs plastic tape - lowering financial and environmental costs. Simply pull FGP gummed paper tape to the desired length, cut and apply.
- Commonly - gummed tapes use less than 1/2 the amount of plastic tapes, meaning;
1 x FGP Gummed 200 metre roll = c. 6 rolls of regular 66 metre plastic tape!
- Aesthetically -the perfect amount of paper tape, bonded with the natural cardboard finish of a box, means a beautiful complete package.
The result is less plastic, excellent presentation, better security, great savings and easier for your customers to recycle.
The Mini Red Pull is a great entry-level dispenser to experience the benefits of gummed paper tapes and understand whether to invest in FGP's Manual & Automatic dispensers.
For more detail on the benefits, see FGP's Gummed Paper Tapes.
Unsure what will work for you? Just ask, or see our Free Sample Pack service.
Reach out for bulk order discounts.
Entry level compact bench-top dispenser ideal for FGP's 50mm wide x 200 metre long, 70gsm, gummed paper tapes Box – 1 / box Base colour - Red (Powder coated steel) Red Tape width - up to 80mm Coarse Dims - 328 x 126 x 104 Weight - 1.66kg
There really isn't much these gummed paper tapes can't do. They perform brilliantly in extreme heat or cold, and remain sealed for the life of the box. They could solve your tape problems if you export to different climates and/ or store in sub-zero conditions. Gummed paper tapes out-perform regular tapes, so come recommended for all. If curious how this works for your needs, just ask, or see our free Pack Comparison service.


What our clients say...

Couldn’t recommend them more
Tom and the team are amazing! They’ve answered every question we’ve had and met our needs perfectly, I couldn’t recommend them more. We’ve definitely found our packaging supplier.
The Rabbit People
Pet Supplies - 15.5.2022
Fantastic company & 5 star service
From day 1 Tom has been amazing!! Been in talks for around a month now and he has designed bespoke boxes and tape for us and helping cover all our packaging needs! Amazing customer service and speedy delivery! Could not recommend FGP more!! If you are looking for any sort of packing materials and want to work with a small independent company with competitive prices and top tier service, Tom is the guy!
General Manager
LaDeDa Living
Home & Giftware - 28.4.2022
Outstanding customer service
Outstanding customer service and delivery. Highly recommend this business.
Peter Bowen
Ceramics & Art - 18.3.2022

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