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packaging consultancy.

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About Consultancy

FGP Consultancy offer something different to businesses looking for a trusted and effective packaging partner. In a competitive packaging industry, you might wonder who's your best supplier. There's Packaging Distributors interested in their strategic suppliers and Packaging Manufacturers interested in their manufacturing capabilities. But our only agenda is yours. We have expert industry knowledge and freedom to impartially select suppliers for your best results. Consider us a temporary extension to your team - where the better you do, the better we do.

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With a range of services for both small & big operations, the FGP Consultancy has the skills and experience to help you. There's many ways to pack & send the same thing, but some ways are more sustainable, efficient and profitable for you - the FGP way.

If it's a new packaging requirement or a change to existing packaging, FGP reliably assess, impartially recommend and expertly implement the changes. Everything will be considered within the context of your business, the economy, consumer demand, legislation and future developments.

Short Term

Use us for that new packaging project or one you've been meaning to do, without distracting from other priorities.
Short term could become longer term services. We'd like to help as much as your business requires, but how involved we are is up to you, and this could evolve as we work together.

New or Existing Product Development
- manage new packaging ideas, materials, redesigns and designs for your existing or new products
Benchmarking - discover how competitive your existing packaging is
Sourcing & Procurement - buy existing or new packaging better
Rationalising & Consolidating - streamline, single source or single material your packaging range
Sustainability Reporting - Packaging Life Cycle analysis & Carbon Reporting
Pack Value Analysis - understand all costs per each pack to identify savings and make you more profit
In-Box Protection - source, demo/ trial Air or Paper systems ideal for your needs
Staff Training - ensure effective use of new packaging designs and systems
Automation - be more efficient with box makers & sealers, on-demand Void Fill systems, tape machines, stretch wrappers, strapping machines, packing area
Supplier Management - maximise supplier performance through audits, easier online ordering, product launches, trials, contracts, quality and compliance
Customised Packaging - boost your brand with custom printed boxes, films, bags etc.

Longer Term

Use us to help manage a larger change in your packaging operation, with risk negated, results delivered and all stakeholders pleased. Our partnership can be tailored to what's best for your business.

Sustainability & Cost Saving
Projects - identify & target Opportunities For Improvements in the current & proposed Packaging Life Cycles PLC    
Material Change
- standardise materials for some or all of your packaging range
Packaging Design/ Redesign - improve pack times, reduce material, optimise freight, save storage, mono-material for recyclability, customer experience...
Packaging for new sales channels - manage new packaging for selling your products to new locations, the trade, consumers, online, high street, retail, international...
Packaging for new products - manage new packaging for new product ranges such as chilled & frozen products...
Customised packaging - manage custom designs and branded packaging consistent for some or all the range...
Carbon Reporting - identify and present quality carbon emissions data within in your supply chain & operation to plan its reduction
Waste packaging regulation & tax completion - simplify and complete your legislative obligations
Integration & Automation Projects - project manage operational efficiencies through On-Demand Void Fill Systems, Ergonomic Packing Area & Equipment,  Box makers & sealers, Conveyors...
Time-And-Motion - test and gain data for the operational efficiency of current packaging versus proposed packaging, to get more products out for less time & cost
Supplier Management - maximise supplier performance to achieve Brief, Projections, Quality, Compliance, and Service levels
KPI Reporting - measure what we manage to assess effectiveness, and provide data for presentation to customers and colleagues alike
Review - ad hoc or periodically, review current & ongoing requirements versus your business changes, new industry products, systems, trends, innovations, consumer demand, & competitor activity


To know the solution is to know the problem. And a natural place to start is talking. By listening and seeing, we'll understand your unique business and its need for unique solutions.

Bringing a holistic and fresh approach to all jobs, FGP specialise in analysing your existing and proposed Packaging Life Cycles (PLC). This benefits all projects and supports our Reveal, Recommend, Rollout and Review (4R) approach.

Packaging Life Cycle PLC

True sustainability considers all environmental, operational and commercial factors of packaging, from cradle to grave - its Packaging Life Cycle PLC. This helps you understand Opportunities For Improvement OFI at the start, and the overall benefits of changing material, design and systems in the future.
To inform these choices, we reveal the costs & opportunities at;

- manufacturer processes, locations and supply chain
Process - ordering, inbound delivery, storage, warehousing, packing, outbound delivery
End Of Life - customer experience, ease of re-use, recycle or compost, waste revaluation, % recycled, recycle costs

OFI's will be understood by how your environmental, operational and commercial goals are interconnected. Feel free to ask for a more comprehensive version, and free audit. Contact Us.


Reveal understands your aims. These maybe known and/ or unknown. Click to view more.


Recommend presents the best Products, Materials, Designs and Systems. Click to view more.


Rollout with us takes responsibility for the changes, and hitting the targets. Click to view more.


Review monitors all the changes.  Click to view more.


How far our collaboration goes is up to you. But like a good chess move, we believe the best results come from a combination of different pieces. FGP represent you the customer, and aims to understand the interests of all stakeholders.

This supports Intangible Assets like better productivity, reduced carbon emissions, less damages & returns, improved customer experience, less cash tied up in stock, better cash flow, more efficient warehousing, greener company image, happier staff, legislation covered, less administration, and a clearer view of your Future Packaging Business – all contributing to your Reputation, Growth and Profitability.

How about saving money, and boasting statistics of your reduced carbon footprint?

Why Forever Green Consultancy?

With 15+ years Transit, Retail and Industrial packaging experience, FGP's panoramic industry view marries the best supplier with your unique requirements. Unlike Packaging Distributors working in the interests of themselves and their strategic suppliers, and unlike Packaging Manufacturers working in the interests of their production preferences, FGP Consultancy works only in your interests.  What does this mean? When assessing your packaging operation, FGP only have two partners to please: you and the environment. Forever impartial, the only consideration for sourcing a supplier, material, design, product, system and service is what’s right for you. There’s a sweet spot for every job and supplier. We will find it and manage the process; mitigating risk and maximising positive results, now and forever green.

Your Benefits

How much more could be done if you had more people, time and knowledge? FGP offer all 3.

So busy it’s all hands on deck getting the job out the door on time? Using us means busy Staff focus on their main jobs, bringing them job satisfaction, and your business better payroll value. FGP will also enlist industry specialists specific to your needs.

Little Time to see multiple sales reps, especially if unsure they're the right supplier? Let us source & qualify the right suppliers, so you simply choose the best options. Using us temporarily avoids the time, cost and risk of permanent recruitment.

Unsure where your main efficiencies could be, and how to achieve them? Use our Knowledge to understand where to start, who can help and how to do it.  Let's combine our knowledge to mitigate risk, please all stakeholders and achieve sustainable results.

History & Markets

Our experience has learnt from varying packaging companies including, a UK leading distributor, a world leading manufacturer, and a specialist environmental protective manufacturer. Understanding these different business models informs better purchasing, on your behalf, so you get the best price, product and service. 15+ years working in the sector also means uniting lesser known specialist companies with the right job.

Truly independent, FGP combine a broad supplier knowledge with a broad customer experience...

Our customer history includes helping start ups, cottage industries, SMEs and corporations... Equally, our history includes working with local, national and European Distributors.

This experience means FGP traverse many markets & sectors to bring an array of ideas and solutions to your table, supplementing the work of your existing team.  

Share your challenges and goals at Contact Us.


What our clients say...

Super Service
Super service, always quick delivery and great prices. Tom has been very helpful every time I’ve ordered. Top notch on all levels 👍
Ian Batten
Couldn’t recommend them more
Tom and the team are amazing! They’ve answered every question we’ve had and met our needs perfectly, I couldn’t recommend them more. We’ve definitely found our packaging supplier.
The Rabbit People
Pet Supplies
Fantastic company & 5 star service
From day 1 Tom has been amazing!! Been in talks for around a month now and he has designed bespoke boxes and tape for us and helping cover all our packaging needs! Amazing customer service and speedy delivery! Could not recommend FGP more!! If you are looking for any sort of packing materials and want to work with a small independent company with competitive prices and top tier service, Tom is the guy!
General Manager
LaDeDa Living
Home & Giftware

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