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Air Cushion/ Pillow/ Bag Machine -Silver Pack

£ 495.00 

Silver Pack
4.8 out of 5 based on Trustpilot reviews


FGP's Silver Pack model is faster, stronger and better for demanding packing areas. In conjunction with FGP film, and packing room equipment, it's a strong leader to;
- Brilliantly protect your products
- Save money, space & time
- Go greener
This flexible system produces air cushions, bubble and tubes. It's compatible with our Bubble Winder and more accessories. A simple to operate and efficient choice for high volume applications.
It runs FGP's Recycled 200x100 pillow cushions, Recycled 400x50 tube cushions and Bubble on-demand, which are all 100% Recyclable. Made with reusing waste plastic saves natural resources, and being 100% recyclable reduces landfill & incineration, and gives resource to making new products.
Your Silver Pack machine & Recycled Film combo offers the Best Of Both worlds;:
- Your Operation benefits from a packaging solution which is quicker, cleaner, lighter, versatile, offers excellent protection, and needs less reordering of bulky materials.
- Our Environment benefits due to the film i) manufactured using Recycled Content, and Efficient Energy & Water ii) Efficient Transport using less fuel; and iii) Recyclable supporting a circular economy.
To help close the loop on this efficient packaging, FGP present you and your customers 2 Easy Ways To Recycle:
1) FGP's Free Plastic Recycling mailers. On return, we ship to Terracycle where it is sorted, turned into new plastic granules and transformed in to new products. See the Free Plastic Recycling section for more.
2) Local Recycling Points @ (just enter postcode)
The film is made using 30% waste = 30% less natural resource. Given only c. 15% of plastic gets recycled, this means a c. 15% raw material improvement, even if the film doesn't get recycled! But we sure hope it does, encouraged by our easy Free Plastic Recycling service.
Our film blend is exempt from a new UK plastics tax which will take effect from April 2022. Plastic packaging tax - GOV.UK (
Unsure it will work for your needs? Just ask, or see our Free Sample Pack service.
Feel free to ask about bigger order discounts.

Power - 11 OV, 50~60Hz, 150W/3A Size - 13" X 12.6" X 12.6" Speed - Speed - 24-45 ft/min Weight - 13.2 lbs
Silver Pack favours fast-paced packing areas, with its compact size, versatility, speed, reliability and quality. Ask about accessories like cushion baskets, mobile hoppers, overhead delivery systems and film winders to save space and help productivity.
Film: ROHS Directive(EU) Machine: CE Certifications Electrical appliance and material safety

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