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Air Cushion Compostable Film (500m) - 200mm x 100mm

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FGP's Compostable Film is designed to work in harmony with nature and our Air Cushion Machines Green Piece & Silver Pack.

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200mm x 100mm air cushions are perforated, allowing the perfect number of cushions for your variety of; - product shapes & sizes - number of products per box - box sizes Air cushion packaging is excellent for, and not limited to, gifts, china, glass, pharma, electrical, retail, cosmetics, ceramics, homeware, confectionery, food, beverage... Unsure if it works for your products? Just ask, or see our Free Pack Comparison service.


Material - 20 micron Cushion size - 200mm x 100mm Roll Length - 500 metres Roll Weight - 5.5 KG Box Quantity - 2 rolls


This product is certified by TUV, Austria, as OK Home Compostable certificate number TA 8021601694

Product details

FGP's Compostable Film is designed to work in harmony with nature and our Air Cushion Machines Green Piece & Silver Pack.

Simply load the film on the machine, press go and produce the protective material you need.

Your 200mm x 100mm offering is a fantastically versatile cushion size for wrapping, void filling, padding and block & bracing.  See more under 'Applications' below.

The film contains natural potato starch; certified Home Compostable by TUV, Austria.

This saves natural resources, and being compostable reduces landfill & incineration.

Your FGP machine & Compostable film combo offers the Best Of Both worlds;

- Your Operation benefits from a packaging solution which is quicker, cleaner, lighter, versatile, offering excellent protection, and needs less reordering of bulky materials.

- Our Environment benefits due to the film i) being made with renewable resource, less energy & water ii) efficient transport using less fuel and iii) compostable at home or industrially, hence supporting a circular economy.

To help close the loop on this efficient packaging, FGP present you and your customers 2 Easy Ways To Compost;

1) FGP's Return 2 Recycle mailers. This film will go to an industrial composter.

2) Home Compost

Our film is exempt from a new UK plastics tax which will take effect from April 2022. Plastic packaging tax - GOV.UK (

Unsure it will work for your needs? Just ask for more sizes, materials, or see our Try Before You Buy service below.


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